Artificial hands and arms

Arm prostheses can replace the most important basic functions of the lost hand – such as opening and closing – as well as restoring the outside appearance. Ottobock offers a complete fitting spectrum for upper limb prostheses, ranging from cosmetic to myoelectric components.

Michelangelo wearer Markus holds a tray at a party.

User stories

Modern prostheses from Ottobock make it possible to preserve or restore your mobility. On our YouTube channel, we introduce you to people who wear a prosthesis and actively take part in life.

DynamicArm wearer Karl-Heinz eats breakfast with his family.

Technical terms and functionality of prostheses

Here you will find comprehensible explanations of common medical technology terminology.


Kalli with Genium sits on a mountain with her daughter.

Information for amputees

This information is intended to provide you with an initial overview of the prosthetic fitting process. It is a first step in helping you feel secure and confident in dealing with your new situation.