1S101 SACH+ prosthetic foot

After an amputation, seniors and people with a low mobility grade in particular want to be sure that their prosthetic foot offers them the best possible safety. In order to meet this requirement, we developed the SACH+ as a new generation of SACH feet; instead of a wooden core, they are now based on a core of fibreglass-reinforced plastic. The result: a new design consisting of the innovative core and proven functional foam, which is even more robust (e.g. in regards to water exposure) and durable. For less active people in particular, the foot offers a pleasant and safe heel strike.

The 1S101 SACH+ foot features a natural design with a smooth surface and shaped toes. It looks close to natural and appears inconspicuous during daily use. Your Prosthetist will be happy to advise you regarding the suitable model for your foot size and body weight.