ErgoArm family of prosthetic elbow joints

The higher your amputation level, the greater the demands on your prosthetic arm. We have developed four elbow components especially for this purpose. The ErgoArm®, ErgoArm® plus, ErgoArm® Hybrid and ErgoArm® Electronic plus combine a high level of functionality with low weight and an attractive appearance. Here are the models at a glance:


Lightweight and nevertheless robust, the base model 12K41 with ratchetless lock is especially well suited for mechanical and cosmetic fittings.

ErgoArm plus®

The expanded model 12K42 for cable-controlled prostheses features a ratchetless lock as well as a flexion aid, which stores the energy that is released during extension and uses it to support subsequent flexion.

ErgoArm® Hybrid

Ideal for hybrid prostheses with a myoelectric hand, electric cables can be artfully concealed inside the prosthesis thanks to the "Easy Plug" integrated cable guide.

ErgoArm® Electronic plus

The model 12K50 can be locked using various electronic signals. This is done quickly and inconspicuously – even under high joint loads.