EasyFit Donning Sheath for prostheses

It doesn't get easier than this! With the new EasyFit donning sheath, we offer a number of advantages to wearers of above knee and arm prostheses with a valve opening. A stronger loop acts as an extension of the donning sheath, thereby making it even easier to guide the sheath through the valve. This saves time. Thanks to the low-friction material, the EasyFit donning sheath enables comfortable donning of the prosthesis socket, which means less effort for you as the user. Another plus is the high-quality and durable material, which can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

When folded up small, the practical donning sheath easily fits in your trouser pocket. Alternatively it comes with a lightweight, sealable bag for easy transportation. The EasyFit donning sheath is available in all standard sizes (from XS to XXL). Your Prosthetist will be happy to provide you with detailed information.