1D35 Dynamic Motion Foot

An effortless natural gait with the Dynamic foot

After an amputation, users want a prosthetic foot that offers a largely natural gait and independence in everyday life. With the 1D35 Dynamic Motion, we have developed a prosthetic foot that makes a more harmonious rollover process possible for users with a moderate mobility grade, and therefore comes very close to the natural gait. A cosmetic foam cover gives you the added good feeling that your prosthetic foot looks good. Flip-flops can be worn thanks to the space between the big and middle toes.

The Dynamic foot is suitable for artificial limb wearers with a below or above knee, hip disarticulation or knee disarticulation. The foot is available in the sizes from 22 to 30 centimetres and can be used for a body weight of up to 100 kilograms depending on the foot size. Your Prosthetist will be happy to advise you regarding your special requirements.