Harmony vacuum pump

John relies on his Harmony E2 when he goes hiking

Active volume management

Benefits at a glance

Firm hold

The Harmony keeps the artificial limb securely in place. The residual limb, liner and socket form a unit and you gain control thanks to full contact with the artificial limb. You feel immediately when your prosthetic foot touches the ground, which makes walking safer and more controlled for you.

Volume management

You know that the volume of your residual limb can change in the course of the day. The Harmony prevents these volume fluctuations and your artificial limb is always securely seated.

Integrated shock absorption.

With the mechanical Harmony P3 pump, the function ring provides comfortable shock absorption – at every step you take. It permits natural rotation movements that occur automatically when you walk, while forces that act on the residual limb while walking are significantly reduced.

Triton Harmony

The Triton Harmony carbon foot combines the high functionality of the Triton feet with the Harmony technology: numerous users are convinced by a smooth rollover, outstanding energy return that conserves energy while walking and safety even on rough terrain, combined with an active vacuum thanks to Harmony.


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