Our service portfolio

Each of our Clinics offers the widest possible range of superior Ottobock prosthetic / orthotic solutions. We can provide you with our high-quality products and services that combine mobility, safety and comfort during every stage of fitting and use.

Fitting of an artificial limb

Lower limb prosthetics

We offer customized artificial limbs for all indications, from partial foot amputation via hip disarticulation right up to congenital deformities.

Fitting an arm prosthesis

Upper limb prosthetics

A range of hand and arm prostheses are available, tailored for everything from finger amputations, right up to shoulder disarticulations and congenital deformities.

Fitting an orthotic device


Benefit from our customised orthotics – from leg braces or calipers to Orthoses for children.

Wheelchair solutions

Mobility Solutions

We offer a range of active, lightweight and power wheelchairs, children's buggies and seats, as well as individual seating systems.