E-MAG Active Electronically Controlled Knee Joint System

Peter with the E-MAG Active orthosis system playing on the dock with his grandchild

Leg paralysis fitting

Benefits at a glance

Walk more naturally

A more natural gait pattern and the desire not to always have to concentrate on movements: These are requirements shared by many orthosis wearers. Intelligent electronics ensure that you walk more naturally and smoothly. A magnet automatically opens the joint and your hands remain free. You can focus on other things in life that are important to you – your family, ventures or hobby.

Better body posture

Movements are easier for you with the E-MAG Active: You may be able to do more again and be more active than before. This can have a positive effect on your muscles and your overall physical health, for example your circulatory system. Thanks to the more natural gait pattern, the need for compensating movements is virtually eliminated, relieving strain on the contralateral side of the body and therefore preventing signs of wear.


When you change the E-MAG Active to unlocked mode using a small button, you can even go cycling, for example on a therapy bike. Other sports activities such as Nordic Walking are possible as well thanks to the joint's intelligent control unit.

Suitable for everyday use

With its enclosed design, the E-MAG Active is protected against external influences such as impacts and against tangled clothing. The joint surfaces form a homogenous, enclosed face even when the joint is flexed.

Long duration of use

Depending on the movements you perform, the E-MAG Active lasts for up to 5,000 steps. This corresponds to about 8 km and is usually sufficient for a day. You can easily charge the battery again overnight.

Fast and quiet

Ongoing operating noises can be perceived as bothersome and unpleasant in many situations. The magnet that unlocks the joint while walking works quickly and quietly – making it inconspicuous in everyday life.


The E-MAG Active secures your knee joint at a crucial moment: in the stance phase of the gait cycle. And also in the phase where your weight is supported by the affected leg. It releases your joint again for the swing phase, that is when you swing the leg through. The E-MAG Active is unlocked by your walking movements at every step and locks again before you step down with the foot. This is made possible by an intelligent sensor system, which measures the position of the leg while walking and sends this information to the electronics in the joint. Then the magnet unlocks the joint – quickly and quietly. This is also how the joint was named: E-MAG for electromagnetic.


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This information brochure provides general information about the E-MAG Active orthosis knee joint system.


  • How can I get an E-MAG Active?

    Your doctor and your certified Orthotist can advise you in detail whether an E-MAG Active is suitable for you.

  • How is the E-MAG Active integrated into my orthosis?

    Your Orthotist designs the orthosis individually according to your needs. The knee joint system is then integrated into this orthosis. In this process, the most suitable design option for you is chosen from numerous possibilities.

  • Up to what body weight is the E-MAG Active approved?

    The E-MAG Active is approved for a body weight of up to 100 kg. Depending on the weight, it is possible to construct the orthosis so that there is a joint only on the outside of the leg – which makes the orthosis even lighter and more discreet.

  • Can I wear the E-MAG Active under normal clothing?

    Today's components from the computer and electronics industry are so small that they can be integrated in systems very discreetly. This is also the case with the E-MAG Active. You can wear the Stance Control Orthosis under normal clothes and, thanks to the enclosed design, clothing also cannot get caught. The magnet operates very quietly as well.

  • Can I shower with the E-MAG Active?

    No, but with the Aqualine orthosis system from Ottobock, a waterproof walking aid is available which is designed especially for wet conditions. All of the components used are designed for contact with water.

  • Can I drive a car with the E-MAG Active?

    It is not possible to make any specific recommendation. You must be able to safely control any vehicle for which you require a driving licence and insurance, or which is used in traffic. This ability when wearing an E-MAG Active is determined on a case-by-case basis. You are required to observe national and state laws.