C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system

Benefits at a glance

New freedom of movement

Walking slow or fast – even on inclines or rough terrain – avoiding possible tripping situations, walking down stairs step-over-step or flexing the leg under load, for example when sitting down: you can experience new freedom of movement with the C-Brace®. With the microprocessor-controlled stance and swing phase, the entire gait cycle can be controlled dynamically and in real time. The system responds instantly to any situation.

Enhanced safety while walking

The C-Brace® recognises the user's current movement phase. Conventional systems only offer two options: locked – the leg is extended under load – or unlocked during the swing phase. C-Brace® responds in real time. You can step down while the knee is flexed, just like walking naturally, or you can sit down. This makes you safer, especially on uneven terrain, on slopes or in possible tripping situations.

Being active in leisure time

Driving a car, or a relaxed bike tour with the family: You think this is no longer possible for you? The C-Brace® enables a variety of activities. Your technician configures individual operating modes as needed, such as bicycling, which you can then easily select using the control button on your C-Brace®. Expand your radius of action and enjoy activities that were previously possible for you only with restrictions.

Independent and mobile

You no longer have to permanently concentrate on your orthosis and the next step. Plan your activities according to what you like, perceive your surroundings and the people around you again – the C-Brace® makes you more independent and mobile.

Natural body posture

Walking is more relaxed with the C-Brace®. Compared to conventional systems, the C-Brace® can reduce physical exertion while walking and alleviate excessive one-sided strain.


The C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system is the world's first mechatronic SSCO® system. SSCO® – Stance and Swing phase Control Orthosis – means this is the first system to control both the swing phase and the stance phase – and therefore the entire gait cycle. The system responds intelligently to changing situations.

The orthosis system mainly consists of the thigh, calf and foot components. These are custom-made. A dynamic fibre composite spring connects the foot and calf components. This is where what is known as the ankle moment sensor is integrated. It measures things such as the load when the user steps down, or whether the user is walking on an even or uneven surface. The ankle moment sensor transmits these signals to the microprocessor-controlled hydraulic knee joint unit. This in turn is embedded in the carbon fibre frame together with the electronics. Here the knee angle sensor continuously measures knee flexion and the angular acceleration of the knee joint, i.e. whether the user is walking slowly or fast and taking short or long steps.

This is how the C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system continuously recognises which walking phase the user is currently in. It can therefore regulate the hydraulic resistances and thereby control the flexion and extension of the knee joint.



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