Malleo Sensa ankle support

Sensa Line ankle support

Benefits at a glance

Enhanced safety while walking

After injuries or inflammation, being able to move safely is important for you. The Malleo Sensa stabilises your ankle, improves circulation, alleviates pain and promotes the reduction of swellings and effusions. Your freedom of movement is not restricted.

Skin-friendly hygiene

The Malleo Sensa is very skin-friendly. Antibacterial fibres integrated into the knitted fabric effectively reduce the growth of bacteria to inhibit odour formation. The functional fibres absorb moisture and wick it to the surface of the knitted fabric, where it evaporates quickly.

Good fit

The three-dimensional flat-knitted fabric makes it comfortable to wear. It adapts perfectly to the body so that constrictions and unpleasant pressure points are avoided, especially in sensitive areas such as the heel and instep. The edges are soft and elastic as well, making them comfortable for the wearer.


  • Ankle irritation and swelling
  • Feeling of instability/ligament instabilities
  • Joint effusion
  • Tendomyopathy