Ankle-foot orthosis: Infinity Air Walker

Benefits at a glance

A light step

Thanks to its light weight of just 997 gramme (size S), the Infinity Air Walker is a comfortable everyday companion with a high stabilising function.

Absorbs impacts and offers stability

The slip-resistant anti-shock sole offers additional protection by absorbing impacts and offering stability on slippery surfaces, for example.

Facilitates healing

Targeted compression supports the healing of oedemas and haematomas. Compression can be quickly and easily applied using the integrated air pump – without any additional tools.


• Distal fibula fractures

• Stable forefoot, metatarsus and/or ankle fractures

• Ankle sprains

• Soft tissue injuries of the foot

• Infinity Air Walker, high only: Achilles tendon ruptures – with use of heel wedges (15°/30°,10°/16°/22°)