Genu Direxa Stable and Genu Direxa Stable open knee orthoses

Slight to moderate feeling of instability in the knee

Benefits at a glance

Open version

The open version can be opened fully and comfortably wrapped around the leg. It offers a more individual fit in comparison with the closed version.

Closed version

You can step into the closed version from above, like trousers. Two lateral finger loops make it easier for you to put on the orthosis.

Close fit

The soft TriTech material ensures excellent wearer comfort. Thanks to its special textile structure, the orthosis does not slip when worn.

Easy to set up

Your orthopaedic technician can adjust the orthosis for you in just a few steps in order to limit extension and flexion incrementally.

Suitable for sports

The orthoses feature two circumferential straps and covered joint bars with a slim design, making them suitable for contact sports as well.


Knee complaints with moderate to severe ligament laxity and/or moderate to severe feelings of instability in order to secure and/or relieve the physiological tracking of the knee joint where temporary or permanent extension and/or flexion limitation of the knee joint is indicated.

  • Meniscus injuries (conservative/post-operative)
  • Chronic instabilities in case of cruciate ligament injuries (ACL/PCL – conservative/post-operative)
  • Complex post-traumatic, moderate to severe instabilities of the knee joint
  • Multi-factor degenerative instability of the knee joint (e.g. in case of osteoarthritis of the knee, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Genu recurvatum
  • Meniscopathy
  • Knee joint instabilities in the context of patellofemoral pain syndrome (e.g. chondromalacia, chondropathy patellae, knee osteoarthritis)



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