Epi Sensa elbow support

Sensa Line elbow support

Benefits at a glance

Effective micro-massage

The Epi Sensa promotes circulation through what is known as the compression effect, that is the micro-massage all around the elbow. This actively promotes the reabsorption of swellings and effusions. At the same time, it improves elbow joint functionality and alleviates pain.

Skin-friendly hygiene

The Epi Sensa is very skin-friendly. Antibacterial fibres integrated into the knitted fabric effectively reduce the growth of bacteria to inhibit odour formation. The functional fibres absorb moisture and wick it to the surface of the knitted fabric, where it evaporates quickly.

Good fit

The form-knitted Epi Sensa active support features an attractive and modern design. The three-dimensional flat-knitted fabric makes it comfortable to wear. It adapts perfectly to the body so that constrictions and unpleasant pressure points are avoided.


  • Irritation in the elbow region
  • Epicondylitis humeri radialis (tennis elbow)
  • Epicondylitis humeri ulnaris (golfer's elbow)
  • Tendomyopathy in the elbow region
  • Soft tissue diseases (e.g. chronic bursitis) and injuries
  • Joint effusion and periarticular swelling (e.g. in case of osteoarthritis or arthritis)



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