Epi Forsa Plus elbow orthosis:

Targeted and controlled compression of the forearm muscles

Benefits at a glance

Taking precautions

The Epi Forsa Plus applies targeted and controlled pressure to the forearm musculature, which can provide noticeable pain relief. Even after the acute complaints are alleviated, you can wear the orthosis as a preventative measure during sports or for repetitive manual tasks which frequently result in unpleasant inflammation.

No bothersome seams

The comfortable and skin-friendly material of the Epi Forsa Plus is pleasant to wear, even during physical strain when you perspire. Furthermore, the orthosis is manufactured without seams so that unpleasant pressure points cannot develop. This comfort is noticeable in the sensitive areas along the edges in particular.

Modern design

Naturally the effectiveness of the orthosis is the top priority. But the appearance also has to get its due, especially if you want to wear the Epi Forsa Plus as a preventative measure for extended periods of time. The modern and attractive design is kept discreet in hues of grey, and you can easily wear the orthosis under long-sleeved clothing.


  • Epicondylitis humeri radialis (tennis elbow)
  • Epicondylitis humeri ulnaris (golfer's elbow)


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