Forearm orthosis – Bioness H200 Wireless System

Stephan weaving baskets with H200 Wireless

Benefits at a glance

Stephan having breakfast with his girlfriend and using the H200 Wireless forearm orthosis.

Individual program selection

You can generally choose between different programs for everyday activities and training programs to strengthen your muscles. Two of these programs can be saved to the remote control unit as movement patterns.

Stephan puts on the H200 Wireless orthosis using just one hand.

The orthosis can be put on with one hand

The lightweight, comfortable and ergonomically shaped orthosis can be easily donned with just one hand. It is designed so that the stimulation is applied precisely where you need it.

H200 Wireless remote control

Easy to use

To start and end stimulation, you can use either the button on the orthosis or the remote control. The remote control allows wireless communication with the orthosis.

Stephan uses the H200 Wireless forearm orthosis for his hobby, basket weaving.

Perform simple and routine grasping movements

Opening a door, holding a cup or gripping a pen – the forearm orthosis supports simple grasping movements in your everyday life.


  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Partial spinal cord injuries
  • Other neurological disorders


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