Fitting partners

For us, being your partner in the fitting process means far more than the mere fabrication and delivery of mobility devices. We want to get to know you and your specific physical challenges in order to coordinate our expertise with your therapists and support persons. Finding the best possible solution for your individual requirements is the objective.

Tomislav travelling in the B500.

The B500 with rear and front-wheel drive

The B500 can be configured for rear and front-wheel drive. This allows us to provide drive system concepts tailored to the respective fitting.


Tomislav in the tilted B500 by the harbour.

Electric options

We offer our users numerous electric options for relief and support, such as adjusting the seat and back angle, seat height and the leg and footrests.


Mark uses a chin control with mini joystick.

Special controls

Special controls (e.g. lip control) are part of an individual fitting adapted to the motor skills and special requirements of the user.