Mobility After Diabetes

Diabetes can have a devastating impact on lives of individuals and their families. Every year in India several new cases of diabetes are diagnosed.

Around 15-25% of people with diabetes, will develop a foot ulcer in their lifetime and 10.5% of patients may undergo major amputations due to diabetic foot syndrome

The good news is that the complications of diabetes can be prevented by timely, professional and clinical interventions. Ottobock – the Global Leader in mobility solutions - works with medical professionals and people with diabetes to avoid major amputations. If the amputation is un-avoidable, we work to restore the person’s mobility, to help control the disease by promoting regular walking.

Our Solutions - Advantages

Preventive Insoles and diabetic footwear

  • Clinical assessment by orthotic specialist
  • Insoles designed using accurate digital scanning
  • Manufactured using computer aided designing and milling (CAD-CAM)
  • High quality EVA Care material specially recommended for diabetic users
  • Diabetic specific cover material for pressure offloading

Corrective, off-loading insoles and customised orthoses:

  • Readymade insoles for offloading grade I ulcers
  • Customized orthoses
  • Airwalkers for immobilization
  • Readymade off-loading shoes
  • Insoles / orthoses with fillers

Custom silicone prostheses – toes and partial feet

  • Customized using medical grade silicone
  • Redistribute pressures during walking
  • Prevents further risk of injury and allergies
  • Ideal for vascular patients and those with sensitive or bony limbs
  • Restore appearance

Prosthetic solutions

  • Solutions designed for Individual requirements and activity levels
  • Gel padded liners to protect the skin of the residual limb
  • Lightweight, reduce energy cost of walking
  • Clinically recommended prescriptions for vascular amputees