Footcare Solutions

Advanced, Innovative, Precise

Feet form the basis of our body and our movement. Healthy feet are essential for comfort, mobility and balance.

At Ottobock, we offer advanced footcare solutions customised using your precise measurements. With three-way scanning and expert designing using CAD software, major chances of errors are reduced. Moreover, advanced milling techniques further reduces the possibility of error and offers absolute custom-made insole that is effective.

We can treat various conditions like flat feet, arch pain, diabetic foot, neuropathic foot, callosities, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spur, bunions, hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, hammer toe, foot pronation or supination, knee pain, leg tiredness etc.

*Currently our footcare solutions are available at key locations only.

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