1C10 Terion - A robust, minimalistic carbon foot

Carbon fibre technology has so far been used primarily for the particularly active amputees. The 1C10 Terion makes the proven advantages of carbon material (lightweight, flexible, durable) accessible to users with moderate mobility.

The minimalistic design with an anatomically shaped elastic heel and a partially split carbon fibre spring supports the user with high dynamics and energy return in a broad spectrum of everyday situations.

The Terion is suitable for prosthesis users with Below knee, Knee disarticulation, Above knee or Hip disarticulation amputations who want to take part in everyday work and leisure activities.

It is recommended for amputees with Mobility Grades 2 and 3 (restricted outdoor walker and non-restricted outdoor walker).


• Lightweight, robust and durable carbon foot

• Low clearance

• Resistant against dust, dirt & splash water

• Toe insert pre-installed in the footshell serves to extend the length of the forefoot supporting higher walking speeds

• Low profile footshell for easy access to adjustment screws and convenient installation

• Alignment marks on the footshell and connection cap for easy bench alignment

• Easy to order and stock!