Triton smart ankle

Benefits at a glance

Adaptation to slopes and ramps

Thanks to the moving ankle joint, the Triton smart ankle facilitates walking on ramps and slopes as well as at different walking speeds. It uses its range of motion to adapt to the respective type of ground with every step.

Relief when sitting and standing

When sitting or when standing on slopes, the Triton smart ankle can lower towards the ground. This not only creates a more natural appearance, but also provides relief for your residual limb first and foremost.

Heel height adaptation

No matter whether barefoot, flat soles or heels – thanks to the heel height adaptation feature, you can stand and walk in a balanced, stable way in any shoes. And at the touch of a button, too.

Easy operation via smartphone app

The Triton smart ankle can be operated easily and conveniently via smartphone app. An additional remote control is not needed. Besides the battery status and the heel height adaptation, the toe stiffness can be varied – to alter to a more relaxed or more dynamic walking style – or the free ankle motion enabled for a short time. During this time, you can move your foot into any position you like, which makes it easier to put on trousers in particular.


The Triton smart ankle is built around its carbon fibre spring, which not only gives you the desired dynamic movement but also unmistakably identifies the prosthetic foot as part of the Triton range. But what sets the Triton smart ankle apart from the other Triton feet is the highly sophisticated microprocessor technology enclosed in the ankle joint, which controls all of the processes that play a pivotal role in making everyday life easier.

The sensors integrated into the foot send data to the microprocessor in order to identify required ankle angle adjustments. The resulting adaptations to plantar flexion or dorsiflexion make walking easier for you, not only on ramps, slopes and stairs, but also when walking at different speeds. This adaptation takes place gradually and the transitions from one terrain to another are very comfortable.

This mobility in the ankle allows:

  • Adaptation to ramps, stairs and various walking speeds
  • Adaptation to shoes with different heel heights
  • Relief function when sitting and when standing on slopes

User tips

In our online playlist, you’ll find helpful videos that show you how you can adjust and operate your Triton smart ankle manually with a button or via app. They demonstrate features such as heel height adaptation, relief function and free ankle movement.

Relief function

The user can switch on the relief function of the Triton smart ankle in a sitting or standing position. Following activation by relieving the foot for 2 seconds, the foot lowers itself to the desired flexed position. This provides for a more natural-looking appearance, full-surface contact with the floor and relief for the residual limb.

Setting the heel height (manually)

The user can manually adapt the Triton smart ankle to the new heel height after changing shoes. Put on the desired pair of shoes and press the white button on the back side of the ankle until a green LED is illuminated. The new heel height is set by changing the angle in the ankle joint.

Setting the heel height (via app)

The user can use the Galileo app to adapt the Triton smart ankle to the new heel height after changing shoes. Put on the desired pair of shoes and follow the instructions in the app to perform the heel height adjustment.

Ankle lock

The ankle lock feature makes it possible to lock the ankle of the Triton smart ankle in a defined position. Extend the prosthetic foot forward so that the angle between the sole of the foot and the floor is at least 30°. Place a load on the forefoot area in this position for at least 2 seconds.

No LED during charging

The LED only indicates the charging process if the prosthetic foot is switched on. Press the black button on the back side of the ankle to switch on the Triton smart ankle.

Free ankle motion

The user can initiate the free ankle movement feature using the Galileo app. The valve of the hydraulics then opens for 15 seconds and the foot can be moved to the desired position (makes it easier to put on and take off trousers, for example).


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