Harmony P4 vacuum system

Faster, lighter and shorter: vacuum pump for strong link between residual limb and prosthesis

A properly fitting prosthesis makes the difference when it comes to your safety and the health of your residual limb. With every step you take, the Harmony P4 mechanical vacuum pump controls the vacuum in the socket.

The Harmony P4 is faster, shorter and lighter than the previous version. An appropriate vacuum is achieved after just a few steps, which makes this pump especially suitable for active users. The reliable connection between the residual limb and prosthesis also means that fewer pulling, impact and rotational forces influence your socket. As a result, the prosthesis moves less as you walk and you have greater control each time you set your prosthetic foot down. At the same time, you also have a better perception of the ground conditions. Users often notice a significant improvement in the condition of their skin thanks to reduced pressure and abrasion points. Active vacuum systems can also stabilise the volume of the residual limb and improve blood flow. The Harmony P4 therefore plays a key role in keeping your residual limb healthy as well.