For more freedom in everyday life

For anyone who wants to be mobile and active, the z50 with joystick control for the user and optionally for the attendant is a perfect all-round package. It is straightforward to operate and can be easily adapted to existing wheelchairs.

Thanks to the modular structure, folding wheelchairs can be folded even with the rear wheels installed and transporting them is simple. The weight of the single components was also limited to no more than 9 kilograms to make transportation easier. The swinging anti-tipper and a patented rear wheel lock ensure ultimate safety. With the z50, you are therefore well equipped to cover even longer distances in safety and comfort.

The z50 can serve as a good alternative to a power wheelchair fitting.

Benefits at a glance

Control panel

Control panel with VSI control unit


Folded Avantgarde CV, remains foldable with rear wheels installed.

Adapter plate

The base model includes an adapter plate.

Ultimate safety

The patented lock ensures ultimate safety.

Swinging anti-tipper

The z50 features a swinging anti-tipper for curbs.

Highly compatible

The z50 is compatible with wheelchairs of the following series:
Start, Motus, Avantgarde and wheelchairs from other manufacturers.


• Attendant control
• Control panel holder, swing-away in parallel
• 17.5 Ah (C5) AGM batteries
• Spoke protectors
• Swinging anti-tipper

Technical details

Technical details
Speed 6 km/h
Motor power 150 W
Battery 12.9 Ah (C5) AGM batteries
17.5 Ah (C5) AGM batteries
Charging time 4 - 12 hours
Range up to 12 km (with 12.9 Ah (C5) AGM batteries)
16 km (with 17.5 Ah (C5) AGM batteries)
24" drive wheel weight approx. 9 kg
Control unit weight approx. 1.2 kg
Battery weight approx. 8 kg
Total weight without wheelchair 27 kg
Max. user weight 125 kg (275 lbs)
Climbing ability 10 %
Maximum obstacle height 1.5 cm
Electronics P&G VSI 24V max. 50A