MyoFacil hand prosthesis system

The solid basic fitting

A solid basic fitting

The MyoFacil prosthetic hand system is ideal for an initial myoelectric fitting. It constitutes a solid basic fitting and therefore provides a great deal of freedom of movement. Many users previously fitted with a passive artificial hand prosthesis value the newfound flexibility. The artificial hand opens and closes through muscle signals, so that gripping and holding objects is easy. It is particularly well suited for activities in the household or at the office.

Hand switch

The hand can be switched on and off with a slide switch, no matter how far it is currently opened. This preserves the battery for a long time and also increases safety.

Control electronics

The control electronics ensure that you can open and close the hand with your muscle signals, reliably.

Benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance

Grasping and holding

With the hand of the MyoFacil myoelectric prosthesis, you can grasp and hold a variety of objects. This gives you new freedom of movement, especially in the home environment.

Passive use

The decision is yours: If you want to use your artificial hand non-actively in certain situations, you can simply turn it off using a small switch on the wrist unit.



You control the myoelectric hand of the MyoFacil system with myoelectric signals. These signals can be measured on the skin surface as soon as you tense certain forearm muscles. Sensors in the socket called electrodes pick up the signals so that they can be converted and ultimately control the motor that moves the hand. This is how you open and close the hand.

Training with Myoelectric prostheses

The important prosthesis training phase begins for you once you have been fitted with a myoelectric hand prosthesis. With regular training, you will quickly learn to use the hand and integrate it into your daily routine as a matter of course. Prosthesis training is divided into three phases:

In the course of controls training, you initially familiarise yourself with the prosthetic arm. The goal is for you to learn how to precisely control and efficiently use the prosthetic hand. Then you practice gripping and releasing various objects in different planes and axes – until you have internalised how to control the prosthetic hand. As you become aware of your progress step by step, integrating the prosthesis into your everyday life will become easier for you as well. In the third phase, the exercises are performed with objects you use in everyday life. From now on, it is best for you to practice movements that you want to perform during leisure activities, sports or also at work.


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