Lower limb prosthetics system overview

Across India, Ottobock has artificial (prosthetic) leg fitting centers for various amputation levels.

The microprocessor-controlled C-Leg

The C-Leg has been setting fitting standards for above knee amputees since more than 15 years.


Genium – Bionic Prosthetic System

The microprocessor-controlled Genium bionic prosthetic system supports the natural movement pattern down to the details – without requiring the user to consciously control the joint.


Harmony vacuum prosthesis system

With its active volume management, the Harmony ensures that the artificial limb is securely connected to the residual limb.



The prosthetic feet from the Triton family of products are suitable for active users. Their outstanding dynamic response and flexibility support mobility at the highest level – in everyday life and for recreational sports.


3S80 Sport knee joint

With the 3S80 Sport running prosthesis, the technology from the custom, high-performance artificial limbs for professional athletes has now been successfully transferred to amateur sports enthusiast amputees, or just amputees who want to keep themselves fit!


3R60 EBS knee joint

A prosthesis system for users with a moderate activity level. Suitable for knee disarticulation, above knee as well as hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy amputations..