SmartSpine braces

A smart system to treat low back pain

Tired of bursting velcro and loose, slipping belts? Tired of back pain?

We are proud to introduce to you the Ottobock Smartspine range of spinal solutions – proven mechanical technology applied in an extraordinary way!

Smartspine has simple, highly efficient, pulley system, operated with just two fingers, can apply sufficient force to create the necessary spinal stabilisation and pain relief

This excellent yet economic brace generates superior support and stability for a wide range of spinal conditions including acute back pain, posture control and pre & post-operative stabilization. It serves as an excellent back support belt and posture brace solution.

One Hand Pulley System

One-hand pulley system compresses and conforms to individual patient anatomy with minimal pull- force.

Breathable Material

Great fit and stabilization while ensuring patient compliance due to highly breathable materials.

Mechanical advantage pulley system

An unparalleled approach that maximizes abdominal compression for the comfort, control and compliance of a true custom component designated spinal system

Benefits at a glance

Pain relief

The SmartSpine LSO provides relief from pain by activating muscular stabilization of the lumbar spine. It also supports sensorimotor function

Minimum effort to wear

Owing to the Smart Pulley system, the SmartSpine back brace can be worn without much effort: a great benefit for elderely people, people with low hand strength. Eventually, it leads to a better tightening of the brace and hence effective pain releif.

Pleasant material

Materials used to make the SmartSpine back brace are breathable, especially suitable to Indian conditions.


The SmartSpine back brace is a part of the SmartSpine range of products. It was developed in close cooperation with doctors and therapists – especially for patients with conditions of the spine. As a valuable medical aid for rehabilitation, it promotes effective pain releif and protection of the spine.


Low back pain, Facet joint syndrome, Lumbar spinal stenosis, Spondylolisthesis


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