Unloading Knee Brace to treat osteoarthritic knee pain

OA Restore Unloading Knee Orthosis

Effective treatment for osteoarthritic knee pain

Osteoarthritis (OA) can be challenging to treat for many reasons, especially if you have difficulty tolerating corrective force or are overweight. If you are diagnosed with mild to moderate medial or lateral osteoarthritis, or have OA combined with ligament instability, you may benefit from using a specialised knee brace. Depending on your diagnosis, this may help delay surgery.

Your Orthotist will always be the best resource to help decide your course of action, since they are able to evaluate your individual situation.

Patented anti-rotational design

A more intimate fit

Unique arthrokinematic motion hinges

The orthosis stays positioned on the leg

Rigid Frame

Applies corrective forces, helps offload the affected side.

Patented tool-less corrective force technology

Easy to adjust the force application

The benefits at a glance

Rigid frame for significant correction

Rigid metal frame of the OA Restore means that it exerts significant corrective forces to offer greater pain reduction than soft orthoses.

Unique knee joint design

The orthosis stays positioned on the leg.

Patented tool-less corrective force technology

Easy to adjust force application.

Optimum fit

The patented anti-rotation design provides an intimate fits and helps prevent slippage. As a result, you wear the brace for a longer time period.

Joints on both the sides

Effectively distributes load for a better tolerance of corrcetive forces.


- Mild to moderate medial or lateral osteoarthritis (OA)

- OA in combination with ligament instability

- Functional knee support for ligament deficiency and / or cartilage damage

- Unicompartmental osteoarthritis.

- Significant flexible or fixed varus / valgus that requires a corrective or controlling force


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