The B500 family with rear and front-wheel drive

Reliable, versatile and safe - Made in Germany

With a love for details: the modular B500 series

Wheelchair users know that it is often the small details which provide major everyday relief. That makes it all the more important to tailor the functions of your everyday companion precisely to your requirements. In order to meet this requirement even better in the future, we have pursued the further development of the successful B500 power wheelchair

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they set themselves apart with driving safety, ease of maintenance and comfortable control options. Individual models in the B500 family are also available with front-wheel drive.

Drive wheel suspension

The drive wheel suspension improves driving comfort.

Caster wheel suspension

The caster wheel suspension improves driving comfort.

Self-contacting LED front lighting

The LED front lighting is self-contacting on all models, so there are no bothersome cables. This makes the side panels quick to remove and simplifies sideways transfers.

B500 front-wheel drive

The front-wheel drive allows obstacles to be mastered with ease and results in safe and dynamic driving characteristics of the B500 S models. More space for the feet is another advantage.


Flexible and modular thanks to our versatile control unit versions. We offer three different control units that are adapted to various user requirements: the VR2, enAble40 and enAble50.

Seat options

The B500 family offers a variety of seat options such as the standard seat, contoured seat and RECARO seat.

Benefits at a glance

LED front and rear lighting

New, modern LED rear lights with longer service life.

Optimised design of the caster fork and rim

The B500 family features a harmonised rim design for the drive and caster wheels.

Frame colours

Cream white

Traffic white

Traffic blue

Marine blue

Silver metallic

Sparkle granny smith

Sparkle red

Seat options

Standard seat

The standard seat is available in four sizes – junior, small, large and extra-large (XL).

Standard seat, junior and XL

The junior standard seat was developed especially for the anatomy of children. The XL version of the standard seat is approved for users with a weight of up to 200 kilograms.

Contour seat (also available in XL)

The contour seat sets itself apart with a slightly moulded seat module. It is easy to care for thanks to the materials used. The contour seat is also available in three different sizes - contour seat small, large and extra-large (XL).


The RECARO seat is available in the form of various complete seats or individual seat modules.

Technical information

Technical data* B500 (online, e-europe, classic, advanced) B500-S (online, classic)
Turning radius 900 mm 610 mm
Overall length 1080 mm 1080 mm
Overall width 645 mm 645 mm
Empty weight 95 kg 95 kg
Seat width 340 – 560 mm 340 – 560 mm
Seat height 450 – 570 mm 450 – 570 mm
Back height 550 mm (adjustable to 500 mm or 450 mm) 550 mm (adjustable to 500 mm or 450 mm)
Maximum climbing ability 9,5° (17%) 9,5° (17%)
Range approx. 35 km approx. 35 km
Obstacle negotiation height 50 mm (with curb climbing assist: 100 mm) 50 mm

*With respect to standard equipment


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