Electronic knee joint 3E80

Sophisticated technology for a well-rounded life

Modern and easy to use

Strolling along, walking quickly, hurrying to catch the bus or mastering uneven surfaces: being active anywhere – the 3E80 electronic knee joint offers you a high degree of stability with enhanced safety while it makes it easier for you to perform a variety of everyday activities.

The 3E80 even largely supports you with challenges such as walking down stairs and negotiating ramps.

Charging connection

The battery can be charged with the universal power supply.


The rechargeable battery (Li-Ion) provides the energy which is required to control the knee joint. It offers a capacity up to 96 hours depending on the level of activity.


The 3E80 offers a Flexion angle up to 140°.

LED Display

The LED Display shows the battery power reserve indication.

Electronic + sensors

The Electronic controls the movement of the rotary hydraulic unit, based on the data sent by the sensors.

Rotary hydraulic unit

The unique rotary hydraulic unit offers an electronically secured stance phase for extensive safety, e.g. on stairs, ramps or uneven terrain. It also provides a harmonic swing phase control for a large range of varying gait speeds.

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